Elisa Boyer: Who Is She?

Sam Cooke’s companion the night that Bertha Franklin shot and killed him was Elisa Boyer. Despite the numerous contentious rumours and explanations that surround his passing, the jury declared Bertha not guilty of justifiable homicide.

Sam Cooke and Elisa Boyer first connected in a Californian eatery or pub. At the pub, they got along well, and they drove off in Sam’s car. They eventually found themselves at a motel, where Bertha Franklin was employed as the night manager.

Elisa said that Sam coerced her into going into the room with Cooke despite reports from witnesses that she appeared hesitant to do so. She asked to use the restroom, despite Boyer’s claims that he had pinned her to the bed once they were inside. He went to utilise it as well when she came back.

Franklin was on the phone when Boyer went to the office to ask for assistance, so she made an attempt to flee. Cooke and Bertha got into a fight when they arrived at the office. She seized her when she was able to break free. 22 mm and fired five shots at him.

After the gunshot, Franklin alleged, he came at her, and she struck him with the revolver until he collapsed to the ground.

Elisa was present when it happened, and police lie detector testing revealed that their accounts were consistent.


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