Does Minute Maid Lemonade Have Caffeine?

Minute Maid lemonade does not contain caffeine. There are 100 calories, 15 milligrammes of salt, 28 grammes of carbs, and 27 grammes of sugar per 8-ounce serving. A serving of 8 ounces of Minute Maid Light lemonade contains 15 calories and 2 grammes of sugar, allowing dieters to avoid unnecessary calories and sugar.

Minute Maid is a line of beverages that is owned and operated by the Coca-Cola Company. Originally noted for its orange juice and lemonade, it was the first company to sell orange juice concentrate. However, as of 2014, the Minute Maid range has expanded to include a wide variety of beverages and soft drinks, including Hi-C.

Minute Maid was founded in 1945 under the name Florida Foods, Inc. Instead of selling powdered juice, the business sold frozen orange juice concentrate. In October 1949, the company formally changed its name to Minute Maid Corp. The name was created by marketers to imply that Minute Maid juice was quick and simple to prepare. The Coca-Cola Company acquired the Minute Maid Corporation in 1960.

Minute Maid Premium Orange Juice, Minute Maid Premium Lemonade, Minute Maid Premium Blends, Minute Maid Coolers, Minute Maid Light, and Minute Maid Just 10 are popular Minute Maid products.


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