Does Gatorade Have a Slogan?

In March 2013, Gatorade came out with the slogan “Win From Within.” They used NBA stars Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade in a TV commercial to show how people can be driven from the inside to be the best. During the same time, the brand had a special campaign based on this slogan. It made five bottles, each with an iconic moment from sports history, like Michael Jordan’s 1988 foul line slam dunk. As of February 2015, the slogan was still being used.

Before 2013, Gatorade’s parent company, PepsiCo, used the bold tagline “Is It In You?” for one of its biggest brands, the sports drink and food company Gatorade. The slogan showed how important it is to dig deep and find your own motivation to succeed. Michael Jordan was in an ad with the slogan, but it was his outtakes that got the most attention because he had trouble pronouncing the phrase correctly.

Gatorade has tried out different slogans, or catch phrases, over the years. The name “Gatorade Thirst Quencher” was once used. Later, it changed the names of its sports drinks and came up with slogans for each one, like “Be Tough,” “No Excuses,” “Shine On,” and “Bring It.”


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