Does Duracell Have a Battery Equivalent to the LR1130?

The Duracell 389/390 button battery is comparable to the LR1130. This battery has 1.5 volts and 80 milliamp hours of current. It is composed of silver oxide.

The LR1130 is a cylindrical alkaline battery. It measures 11.8 millimetres in diameter and 3 millimetres in height. Battery manufacturers give their LR1130 batteries unique names. Duracell brands their LR1130 batteries model 389/390.

This button battery has use in watches, toys, medical equipment, and calculators. It is equipped with DuraLock Power Preserve technology, which ensures that the battery will retain its charge for 10 years while in storage. The “good till” date of a Duracell battery can be found on its original packaging.


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