Does Dreaming of Fish Mean Someone Is Pregnant?

Fish swimming in a dream typically portends pregnancy for the dreamer or a close relative or friend of the dreamer. When the uterus begins to collect amniotic fluid, it is commonly believed that newly pregnant women will dream of fish. Additionally, fish dreams can occur prior to conception.

Fish are a popular motif in both men and women’s dreams, thus they are not limited to pregnant women. Often, fish eggs in a dream represent a subconscious notion coming to fulfilment. Fish in a dream represents vitality and health. Additionally, eating fish in a dream is a symbol of good fortune.

The appearance of a fisherman in a dream indicates that the dreamer is having difficulties grasping anything in real life. If the dreamer is fishing, this represents subconscious concerns that are slowly rising to the surface. In dreams, fishnets symbolise a fear of getting caught in the act of dishonesty. Flying fish symbolise freedom from inhibitions and enjoyment for the dreamer, whereas dead fish signal a loss of personal power or riches.

Starfish and goldfish indicate joy and prosperity. Puffer fish represent rage and feelings that remain unexpressed. Koi fish in a dream signify inflated egos and the need to lay aside deeply rooted views in order to function as a member of a team or group.


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