Do Turkeys Have Testicles?

Male turkeys have testicles placed immediately above the kidneys within the body. The testicles are bean-shaped and produce testosterone, which aids in the development of the male reproductive system, courtship behaviour, and aggression.

As sperm develop and mature, they may travel for up to four days down a tiny channel to the cloaca, which combines digestive, urinary, and reproductive functions. The cloaca expands in both males and females to assist mating. Turkeys unite their cloacae in a process that lasts barely seconds. The act in which the man ejaculates sperm into the female is known as a cloacal kiss. Following fertilisation, the female deposits between 25 and 31 days to incubate up to 17 eggs. Poults are fully grown at birth and can walk and feed themselves one day after birth.


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