Do SnowDogg Plows Get Good Reviews?

Reviews of Snowdogg ploughs on are generally favourable. The majority of users claim that the machine is simple to install and effective in preventing back-dragging. According to the few unfavourable evaluations, hoses have some wiring issues and quickly wear out.

Most buyers of new and used Snowdogg ploughs are satisfied with the units’ overall performance and toughness. Customers claim that the plough is effective at clearing residential driveways and clearing more than 20 driveways in a single storm in addition to clearing snow from the road. Users report that when there is ice under the snow, plough work becomes a little more challenging.

Especially hydraulic hoses that are worn out or blown are mentioned in the unfavourable reviews of Snowdogg ploughs, and it is advised that hoses only be kept indoors. According to other evaluations, the deflector frequently breaks and the cutting edge wears out quite rapidly.

Customers advise switching the poly material with rubber. Another frequent issue is with the hydraulic connection wiring for the plough; despite the use of zip ties to secure the connections, some customers claim that the oil leaks and that it can be challenging to locate the source of the leak.


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