Do Beets Help With Gout?

People who have gout shouldn’t eat beets. Beets have oxalate, a chemical that can make gout worse. So do spinach, nuts, rhubarb, chocolate, wheat bran, beans, strawberries, and black tea. The University of Maryland Medical Center says that people with gout should stay away from beets.

Pain from gout is caused by uric acid that builds up in the joints. As the acid crystallises, it gets bigger and pushes into the joint, causing pain. Merck Manuals says that beets and other foods with oxalate are not good for people with gout because calcium oxalate can form crystals that work the same way.

Because calcium oxalate crystals can also damage connective tissue and tendons, they can cause pain that is similar to the pain caused by uric acid in gout. People with gout should also stay away from red meats, refined foods, and anything with a lot of purines, which are usually found in beef, sweetbreads, mussels, and mackerel.

The University of Maryland Medical Center says that adding foods like rye, soy, oats, corn, and avocado that are high in magnesium but low in calcium is a great way to get a needed mineral and keep gout pain down.


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