Carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores: which are snakes?

Carnivores include snakes. Depending on the size, species, and environment of the snakes, they will eat different things, but their typical prey includes insects, eggs, mice, fish, frogs, and lizards.

The hinges in snakes’ jaws allow them to open wide and consume huge food. This enables some snakes to consume large creatures. For instance, a python could consume a deer, a small cow, or even a crocodile, though this is uncommon.

Snakes do not require a daily meal. Thin-bodied snakes often eat at least once every week. Snakes with large bodies eat less frequently. Depending on the snake’s age and the size of the meal, it may be necessary to eat. A boa or python normally consumes one or two substantial meals per month.


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