Can You Use Chalk Paint on Plastic?

Can you use chalk paint on plastic – Is chalk paint suitable for outdoors? Will the chalk paints stick to laminated surfaces? Can chalk paint be used on plastic pots?

How to Use Chalk Paint on Plastic?

Is spray painting possible on Chalk paint and many more such questions that are hovering around your head and need answers are absolutely mentioned over here?

Come and explore the answers to all your questions.

It will tell you about the best spray paints you can get for the plastic surfaces. What about painting window frames with chalk paints?

Grab the answers to your queries and find whether the chalk paint on plastic can be a great option.

With lots of relevance frequently asked questions all your queries would be answered appropriately.

The huge versatility of the chalk paints, you can actually paint a plethora of things ranging from a pot to the sheds, plastic equipment, back doors and many more.

Chalk paints have the capability to stick to any of the surfaces and there is no requirement of primer before application of the chalk paints.

You just need to take care of the surface on which you are applying chalk paint as it has to be dry, clean and smooth. Check this before painting the surface.

The major question of this entire article is: Can you use chalk paint on plastic surfaces? The answer thus found is absolutely yes.

It is a unique type of paint which is used for the purpose of decoration and is almost suitable for any surface like wood or metal, earthenware or plastic etc.

In case of chalk paint you can actually recoat the existing layer once it is dry.

What must be the best type of paint you should use on the garden furniture made of plastic?

It is the spray paint that you need to apply on the surface and thus using a combination of paint and the primer can be utilised which is specifically designed for the use on the plastic surfaces and they are meant for priming the surfaces.

For the purpose of priming plastic surfaces you should use satin finish primers.

Is it suitable to use chalk paint outdoors? The answer to this is pretty straightforward: “YES”.

It is a decorative paint which was first made by Annie Solan about twenty five years back. There is no requirement of any preparation like priming or sanding and is suitable to be used both indoors and outdoors.

It can be utilised over any surface. Chalk paint on plastic usages are very common. If you want enhanced durability then it is best to put chalk paint wax on the chalk paint.

Is it necessary to use chalk paint wax over the paint? No there is not much necessity to sand or primer but areas of rough usages can be applied with them.

Applying two coats of the chalk paints can be great and then waxing it would be a great choice as it will help maintain the lustre and enhance durability.

FAQs About: Can You Use Chalk Paint on Plastic?

Can Chalk Paint Be Used With Plastic Pots?

Yes absolutely you can chalk paint on plastic pots and that not only stays long but makes it look elegant. It is quite cheap as well.

Will the Chalk Paint Actually Stick to the Laminations?

The chalk paint by Annie Sloan will adhere to the lamination perfectly. Just make sure the surface is clean to apply the paint.

Can Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Be Used on Outdoor Furniture?

Yes, you can actually apply Annie Sloan Chalk paint on any surface and you can apply them for indoor as well as outdoor items. Though it is not very recommended with teak and iroco furniture.

Can Chalk Paint Be Used on Frames of Windows?

Yes absolutely they work excellent on the frames of the Windows but the homemade ones are not very effective in this case.

Can Plastic Pots in the Garden Be Painted With This?

Painting at well ventilated places is highly recommended. Plastic pots for the garden are very easy to clean as well as paint. So, you can ofcourse paint the plastic garden pots and chalk paints on plastic pots would look astonishing.

What Will Happen if the Waxing of Chalk Paint Is Not Done?

If instead of wax you are thinking of using poly finish then stop right there because that won’t be a wise option.

The poly topcoats over chalk paints can react with the elements of the surface like wood which may actually ruin the setup. Instead it is better to use wax over chalk paints.

Is There Weather Resistance in Chalk Paint?

It is resistant to the water but it is not waterproof. So, it is recommended not to use this for places that are too much exposed to water especially standing or clogged water.

It can withstand 16 feet wide and 6 feet deep for chalk paints.

On Which of the Surfaces Can You Use Chalk Paints and How to Use Chalk Paint on Plastic?

You can almost use chalk paints over any surface like chalk paint on plastic, wood and many others. You can even cover leather, laminations, solid wood and many more. It looks excellent and beautiful.

How to Make Your Very Own Chalk Paint?

It requires one-third cups of plaster or paris along with cool water of ⅓ cup. They have to be stirred altogether until a smooth mixture is formed.

Then bring a cup of the latex paint of your choice and then mix it with the previous mixture and again stir well. Thus, your very own chalk paint is ready.

What Paints Are Usually Best for Plastic Flower Pots?

The bare plastic flower pots are primed with Rust-Oleum Plastic Primer and in case of metal pots it can be primed with the Rust-Oleum Surface Primer.

Is the Wax Made by Annie Sloan Waterproof?

Annie Sloan Wax is Water Resistant but it is exactly not waterproof. So, exposing it too much to the water is not recommended and especially standing water.

It can move through the wax coat and there can be a mark.

What Is the Duration Between Applying Two Coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint?

Actually there should be a minimum of 24 hours gap to make things work out and dry after each coating.

Though a period of 30 days is recommended to fully get it ready but 24 hours is enough to get it completely dry.

Which Is the Best Paint That Sticks Easily to Plastic?

There are specifically plastic based paints that can be used and some examples are: Valspar, Krylon Fusion for Plastic etc. In case you are using any regular paint then primering the surface is very much necessary.

How Are the Plastics Prepared for Spray Painting?

Follow the steps to prepare plastic for spray painting:

  • Wipe the surface of the plastic with mineral spirit or alcohol.
  • Then Sand the surface to get a dull finish.
  • Then apply a coating of primer for plastic and let it dry.
  • Then apply the spray paint finally.

Which Is the Best Spray Paint for the Plastics?

There are few spray paints that are great for the plastic surfaces: Rust-Oleum Speciality Plastic Spray Paint, Rust Oleum Painter’s Touch Spray Paint for Plastic Surfaces, Krylon Camouflage Plastic Spray Paint, Krylon Supermaxx Spray Paint for Plastic etc.

Is It Alright to Spray Paint the Plastic Chair I Have?

Yes it is a great idea to spray paint the chairs and while doing so keep the can 10 inches from the plastic chair.

How Are the Furniture of the Garden Prepared for Painting?

Follow the steps to prepare the furniture of the garden for painting:

  • First scrape off all the large chunks of paints that are leftover.
  • Smoothen using sand paper.
  • Wipe off dust.
  • Then apply primer and your furniture is ready to be painted.


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