Can You Mix Interior and Exterior Latex Paint?

Can you mix interior and exterior paint? – Interior paints are colored inside the walls, ceilings, washroom walls because they have different properties while exterior paints are colored outside the walls of a house for different resistivity properties to resist heat, cold, rain and wind.

When you mix both the paints, some properties are lost and some properties of both the paints work well. you can combine interior paints and exterior paints together.

Technically, Yes

you can combine interior paints and exterior paints together but it is very important that the pain should be of similar type and not different.

Latex and acrylic paints are water based and they come in both types so we can make both of them together.

Can Interior Latex Paint Be Used Outside?

As stated above, the latest and acrylic paints are water based, white alkyd paints. These paints are oil based and can resist heat, rain and wind. Interior paints and exterior paints come in both types

Can Interior Latex Paint Be Used Outside?

Using different brands of latex paint will not make any difference but the composition of the paints will show you a big difference.

You will get to see when different paints put together are not compatible with each other. They result in a lumpy mess which becomes useless.

Similarly there is a common question which is often asked

What Is the Difference Between Interior and Exterior Latex Paint?

Different kinds of pains have different kinds of properties which are made for different purposes.

Interior paint is made to be rubbed, it’s resistivity and cleaning purposes while exterior paints are made to fight against color fading and natural phenomenons like heat, wind, rain!

Can I Mix Interior and Exterior Enamel and Latex Paint?

Enamel and latex paint usually don’t go well together. They do not mix unless both are latex based. Animal is an oil based paint.

If the cleaning instructions on the animal says that you need mineral spirits to clean the brushes, they will never mix.

There are also latex paints that come in an enamel finish.

FAQs Related to: Can You Mix Interior and Exterior Latex Paint?

1. Is Latex Paint Waterproof or Not?

Latest paint is waterproof for the person or by the person who sells it. Paint is just paint. Paint is an application to some part of a vehicle for a Wall of a building.

2. Will Interior Paint Hold Up Inside Well?

No, we cannot use interior paint outside. There are a number of reasons. The number of resin is greater in exterior paint then interior paint.

The resin binds the pigment to the surface in a greater intensity.

3. Can You Use Interior Primer Under Exterior Paint?

There is really no difference between interior and exterior latex primer.

If there is a disclaimer for the latest primer for its internal use or external use it is because of the drying & odor property of both the primer.

Interior latest primer smells less and dries faster than exterior latex primer.

4. Can You Mix Interior and Exterior Latex Paint?

The interior paints are strictly paid for the interior purposes only. The interior paints are made in such a way that they lack the properties of exterior paint.

Exterior paints are very resistive in nature. They can withstand the cold. Exterior paint in comparison to interior paints fades & chalks slowly.

5. Is Exterior Paint Waterproof?

Professional grade waterproof and elastomeric paints includes waterproofing grade paints, elastomeric paints, mold, and mildew resistant paint, and high UV resistant paints.

Exterior paint has long term weathering resistance power.

6. Is It Possible to Use Exterior Paint on Kitchen Cabinets?

Exterior paint can be used on indoor cabinets rather than outdoor cabinets because of the air quality condition and it also does not dry as hard as interior paints.

7. Can I Use a Kilz Interior Primer Outside?

Kilz general purpose. Kilz general exterior is a fast drying latex primer and sealer which is specifically formulated for outdoor use.

It almost minimises the problems caused by the surface texture and porosity differences. It’s ready to roll re brush and can be top ported after an hour with the latest oil based paints.

8. Is Acrylic Paint Waterproof?

Acrylic paint is not waterproof really. It is water resistant in it’s a polymer. But it is also porus and will absorb water slowly.

Once it starts absorbing water the surface will be softer until it dries up.

9. Is Exterior Paint More Durable Than Interior?

Yes, they are.

10. What Kind of Paint Do You Use Outside?

There are two kinds of exterior paints –

Oil-based and latex-based

Oil-based are more durable and have more water resistivity power. Latex is easy to apply and it also dries up quickly, durable and resistance to sunlight is higher.

11. Is Latex Paint Good for Outdoors?

Latex paints are the best choice for outdoors as it dries up quickly, very easy to clean, no mess. Later it expands and contracts with the temperature change outside.

12. Is Exterior or Interior Paint More Expensive?

The average cost of paint for the interior of a house falls between $1.50 and $3.50 per square foot.

If you are painting the ceilings, walls and trim the cost will fall between $3 to $5. The price of interior paint is cheaper than exterior one.

13. What Does Exterior Paint Mean?

Every paint is made up of basic ingredients:

Resin, solvent, pigments and additives. To deal with the variable temperature conditions paint on exterior walls experience flexible resins that keep the paint good looking when the surface of the wall expands and contracts inside.

14. Should I Use Exterior Paint in the Bathroom?

Yes. Exterior paints contain fungicides and UV protective additives that are not advisable for interior use. They can be added to any paint auto texture paint for the ceiling to make it more bathroom friendly.

15. What Is the Best Interior Paint?

Top Picks for the best interior paints

  • Benjamin Moore regal select interior. Paint pick: regal select interior Eggshell


  • BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA. Paint Pick: Ultra Satin Enamel ($30.98/gal)
  • Valspar Signature. Paint Pick: Signature Satin Latex


  • PPG Diamond
  • BEHR Alkyd Enamel

16. Can You Paint Your Own House Interior?

Yes, we can paint the interior of a house. We can prime our walls. Roll one section at a time moving from top to bottom and from one side of the wall to another.

Reloading the roller and painting the next section, covering only as much as we can finish while the primary is still wet.

17. What Is in Latex Paint?

Latex is applied to water based acrylic, vinyl styrene paints.They are called so since they contain chains of man-made polymers which often serve as latex or binders.

The origin of latest is from the sap of Brazilian rubber tree.


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