Can You Have a Pet Raccoon — and Are Raccoons Good Pets?

Have you ever desired a raccoon as a companion? If you live in one of the states that permit raccoons as pets, your desire could become a reality. Consequently, which states permit raccoon domestication? The list comprises:

State of North Carolina
State of South Carolina
Rhode Island
West Virginia
But does the fact that you can adopt a raccoon as a pet imply that you should? After all, there are quite a few logistical hoops to go through in order to obtain a permission, as well as other rigid regulations. In Arkansas, for instance, a person cannot own more than five raccoons. In Indiana and other states, the owner of a wild animal is required to hold a permission. In North Carolina, the animal must be “approved” by a veterinarian before being transported into the state.

Is Keeping a Raccoon as a Pet Safe?

In addition to the legality difficulties in some areas, you need also examine your lifestyle and availability to resources. Despite the fact that this may sound like standard advice for adopting a pet, raccoons are not typical home pets. For instance, procuring a raccoon as a pet is significantly more challenging than adopting a cat or dog. If you are serious in adopting a raccoon, you should contact a wildlife rehabilitator or veterinarian who may be aware of an injured raccoon in need of a foster home.

In addition, if you encounter a newborn raccoon in the wild, ensure that it is orphaned and/or injured before attempting to save it. If the infant is not visibly harmed, the Humane Society recommends placing it under a clothes hamper (with a light weight on top) or in a pet carrier with an angle stick to keep the door shut. Thus, if the mother is only out hunting, she may quickly release her young from the impromptu pen upon her return.

If waiting for a raccoon in need isn’t your thing, you may be able to adopt one from a reputable breeder for a price. However, there are many more aspects to consider before introducing a raccoon into your house before you make a final decision.

Considerations Regarding the Health and Habitat of Pet Raccoons

Ironically, many of the reasons why raccoons make great pets for some people also make them inappropriate for others. Thus, raccoons are highly clever creatures with excellent memories and problem-solving abilities. Due to their intelligence, raccoons may be housebroken and, similar to dogs, can learn their names and a few basic commands. On the other hand, raccoons can sometimes exhibit cat-like behaviours: they may comprehend a command, but this does not necessarily convert into obedience.

Some raccoons have been observed to form strong bonds with their human owners, particularly when adopted at a young age. However, even raccoons born in captivity maintain many of the characteristics they would rely on if they lived in the wild. In other words, they may bite when angered or frightened. Therefore, an aggressive training method is probably not the best way to raise a raccoon. Additionally, you may not want to adopt a raccoon if your household contains small children or other animals.

Similar to any other pet, raccoons require exercise. These naturally inquisitive creatures cannot stay inactive; they require ample area to roam and investigate. Instead of attempting to crate-train a raccoon, you should consider granting them free reign of your home and providing them with an enclosed outside area. This will certainly involve raccoon-proofing your home, given that these adorable animals love to chew, climb, and wreak havoc on your belongings. Do you believe you can just supervise them? Perhaps you should reconsider. After all, raccoons are nocturnal.

Everything Else You Need to Know Regarding Raccoon Care for Your Pet

Before introducing any animal into your home, you should conduct study. Ultimately, a healthy pet is a content pet. First, ensure that there is a veterinarian in your area who treats raccoons, as they are not the most common pets. Your raccoon, like a dog, must be vaccinated against common diseases such as rabies. And if you do not wish to deal with raccoon “puberty,” you should get your new pet spayed or neutered.

In terms of diet, raccoons are omnivores, meaning they consume both meat and plants. If you’re searching for a simple answer, pet raccoons eat grain-free dog food, but they can also survive on poultry, fish, eggs, fruits and vegetables — and even mice. Obviously, you should also ensure that your pet has access to clean water. To simulate the diet of a wild raccoon, try feeding your pet nuts and seeds as rewards. If you want to really appeal to their scavenging inclinations, consider putting these snacks in little boxes or on shelves. This will keep them cognitively and physically occupied.

So, What Do Raccoon Owners Suggest?

A few years ago, a tame raccoon named Tito took the internet by storm after his owner rescued him from an attic while performing pest control services. As Tito was a baby at the time, Mitchell made numerous unsuccessful attempts to contact animal rehabilitation centres. The two eventually became buddies. And subsequently, Tito became a YouTube and Instagram star.

Cheeto and Piper were two additional raccoons that Mitchell and his wife, Sara, ended up adopting. Now, the three raccoons pose for cute photographs and produce charming artwork for fans to purchase. Once, Tito even experimented with ASMR. Mitchell stated on his website’s Frequently Asked Questions page, “We do not advocate a pet raccoon for the majority of individuals.”

“Most people cannot accommodate the time, space, and resources required by raccoons!” On the other hand, raccoons can make excellent pets for the proper individuals. You’re in it for the long term, regardless of how Instagram makes raccoon ownership look cool and trendy. Seriously. In the wild, the average raccoon lifespan is between 2 and 10 years, although domesticated raccoons can live up to 20 years. Consider becoming a raccoon parent if you have the necessary time, energy, and resolve. Before taking the first steps, however, you should conduct extensive research and deliberate carefully.


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