Boards and Beyond Vs Pathoma: Which One is Better?

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Boards and Beyond Vs Pathoma –  It focuses on pathology education. B&B bills itself as the most comprehensive online resource for medical students.

It’s primarily a collection of video lectures geared at US board exam preparation. It includes more than 598 movies and a 2600 question bank.

The Boards & Beyond video series is similar to Pathoma, but it covers all of the topics covered in First Aid.

Total Hours of Boards and Beyond Vs. Total Hours of Pathoma

B&B, with nearly 600 clips, is without a doubt the more time-consuming resource.

Each video lasts about 10-15 minutes on average. This is why many medical students in the United States opt to forgo it during their devoted exam study period.

Pathoma is a lot shorter, with only 19 chapters and a video length of almost 35 hours. One pass is usually sufficient to obtain satisfactory results. As a result, Pathoma is thought to be much more manageable.

Are Boards and Beyond Good for Step 1?

“Discovering Boards and Beyond was the finest thing that could have happened in my Step 1 preparation,” says one student.

Along with First Aid and UWorld, it was a valuable resource for me.It is the quickest approach to cover all the information, especially while moving at a high rate.

How Many Total Hours Are Spent on Boards and Beyond?

Boards and Beyond includes over 400 videos totaling over 120 hours of instruction.

Similarly, you would wonder what Pathoma entails.

Pathoma is a website dedicated to Dr. Husain Sattar’s in-depth pathology text. Then, in addition to your regular study activities, you should thoroughly read through the materials and view the available videos.

How Do I Keep Track of the Boards and Beyond?

Beyond Boards: How to Use Them

  • Slow down. Slow down, especially if it’s your first time watching a Boards and Beyond video.
  • Make a list. Taking notes while watching a Boards and Beyond video is the best method to learn from it.
  • Review the material and take the quizzes.
  • Begin with the fundamentals.
  • Go ahead and do it.
  • Create your quizzes.
  • Time to move on.

Boards and Beyond Vs Pathoma: FAQ

Is It Possible to Watch Boards and Other Content When Offline?

Yes. Devices running on iOS and Android are supported. Safari on iPhone, iPad, or iPad mini can be used to visit the site. Please note that the iPhone does not support multispeed playback.

What Is a Decent First-step Score?

What Does a Good Step 1 Score Look Like?

Depending on the medical specialization, a good Step 1 score is defined differently. Applicants with an average Step 1 score of 248 successfully match in orthopedic surgery.

A decent Step 1 score in family medicine is around 220. (again, based on the average of successful applicants).

Pathoma Is How Many Hours Long?

Full access to Dr. Sattar’s 35-hour online video library.

Boards and Beyond Vs Pathoma: What Is the Best Way to Prepare for Medical Boards?

If you follow these procedures, you’ll almost certainly pass the exam — and with a higher score!

  • Understand the Exam’s Structure.
  • Get a Head Start on Exam Day by Knowing What to Expect.
  • Create a study strategy.
  • Look for a Study Guide.
  • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse
  • Find and attack weak spots.
  • Treat your body with respect to the exam

What’s the Best Way for Me to Approach the Nbme Questions?

  • I view NBME/USMLE questions in a certain way.
  • From the top to the bottom. I usually read the question from beginning to end.
  • The hard data is frequently ignored.
  • Don’t try to avoid agonizing.
  • Try not to change your responses.
  • Be adaptable.

Is Pathoma Required for the First Step?

Pathoma isn’t strictly required. Except for the first few chapters, I didn’t utilize Pathoma, and I’m quite sure I aced the pathology questions.

I did a full run of Robbins during my preclinical, so I was quite strong in pathology, but it all depends on the individual. But it’s still a fantastic resource.

How Long Has Goljan Been Alive?

How long does Goljan Audio last, and where can I buy it? At 1x speed, it takes about 37 hours.

It’s easily obtained by searching; it’s essentially an audio recording from a board review lecture series given many years ago.

Is Goljan Still a Viable Option?

Goljan is well worth the trip, but you’ll still need Pathoma. Give Goljan a once-over, but take copious notes. His knowledge of blood issues is invaluable, and you will never be able to solve one of those questions incorrectly again.

Is Pathoma a Free Country?

If you’re still not convinced, sign up for a Pro account to gain access to all of the videos (Fundamentals text will ship within 36 hours)

Is There a Pathoma App Available?

The following are requirements for our online viewer: Mac OSX 10.8 or above (Microsoft Windows 8) (Linux is not supported). Android is not presently supported and requires iOS 9+ (beta support).

How Long Has Pharm Been Sketchy?

It’s been 27 hours.

How Much Does Pathoma Set You Back?

For $85 you get 21 months of online access to all pathoma videos and the pathoma textbook. Visit the pathoma website to learn more.

How Many Pages Should a Day’s Worth of First Aid Contain?

Every day, read about 50 pages of First Aid. If you feel weak in some areas or don’t understand topics covered in First Aid, supplement your knowledge with review materials.

Is Sketchymicro Sufficient for the First Step?

Sketchypharm is still very much alive and well. At the very least, Sketchymicro provides a solid foundation that will enable you to solve more than half of the uworld questions and at least some of the actual USMLE questions.

The rest of your knowledge will come from Qbanks and first aid.

How Many Shady Videos Do You Have?

You’ll have 101 videos at your disposal that clearly explain all you need to know about your upcoming micro-test.

How Many Videos of Shady Paths Are There?

SketchyPath has more than 150 videos covering high-yield pathology topics for the USMLE Step 1 and pre-clinical years, including cardiology, pulmonology, endocrinology, and more!

What Is the Total Number of Uworld Questions?

A free trial is available. Users can try out the platform and product with a free 10-question sample test provided by UWorld.


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