Right before the 5th grade Science Fair, Dr. Kozik started getting the overwhelming smell of poultry that started becoming beyond the limits and this was something that a young scientist had been hoping for.

Then, she hurried to the kitchen where she could spot the stack of Petri dishes that were waiting for her with the brown slice of beef broth as well as sugar.

Overall, it took the gelatinous form and was a hint of something looking like Shiny cream-colored pimples on certain cow-based materials.

Each of them proved to be the colony that had plenty of bacteria inclusive of the swab of raw chicken juice that she had made just 3 days earlier.

With this, she was experimenting with the determination of which brand of the detergent was being used for killing the bacteria. It revealed the results with greater rewards.

Dr. Kozik said that it gave the feeling of discovery of the new way of life. She is now pursuing her research at the University of Michigan for studying the microbes that live in human beings and she finds that these entities are pretty cool.

After that, Dr. Kozik continued with a scientifically fair project that also got a huge acknowledgment in the field of microbiology.

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During the experiment, she started devouring every book that she was finding relevant to the subject and she went forward to writing to her parents about infectious diseases.

Then, after 10 years, she was pursuing her Ph.D. which she completed in 2018.

Everything starts on Monday black in microbiology week that is the series of virtual events on which there is a highlight to the black scientist who is working in various disciplines of microbiology.

The Black in microbiology week is available on two platforms name like Twitter and Zoom.

There are lectures, as well as online discussions that can also comprise the range of topics including coronavirus, medical advancements, and education.

The applicants must register while working on the platform. The team is led by Dr Kozik as well as the virologist Kishana Taylor. However, the team is mostly black people.

The team is also partnered with sponsors like the American Society for Microbiology, scientific journals, as well as, the American Society for Virology. Some speakers and organizers are making a steady way towards the achievement of their objectives in microbiology.

They are always working hard for featuring their expected interest and saying that they are growing while consideration of the momentum going after the campaign.

The Black in my cell biology week is held within the months of protest against police brutality as well as racial injustice.

The campaigns took place due to Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks, and George Floyd.

The campaign was working during the pandemic fuelled by the deadly virus. Then, it holds its impact on the black native, indigenous people, as well as Latino people.

Members of these groups are around three times when compared to their neighbors who are becoming infected by the coronavirus. Black people are also twice vulnerable when compared to white people to die from covid-19. Systemic racism poses a major role.

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It has always kept adequate information and medical care totally out of the hands of the non-white people.

After the exploration of the indigenous communities and black people by researchers, they have brought in findings around many problems regarding medicinal reports.

There are also widening disparities in the existing health conditions. There is discrimination based on coronavirus tests, treatments, as well as the vaccine that is rolling out.

Later on, doctor Johnson received a call regarding the skepticism about forthcoming coronavirus vaccines.

Taylor Smith who is working at the Georgia Public Health laboratory claims that she has already helped the performance of thousands of the coronavirus tests every day.

Some black scientists are working at the forefront of understanding the different aspects of microbiology.

There is some progress made as a result of the black people continuing to work in the field of science and engineering.

There are around 13 % of the United States population who are identified as African American or black people. There are around 9% of the students earning bachelor’s degrees in the field of Engineering and Science.

There are also less than 5% of the people who are granted the doctorate in the field of microbiology. Research as per National Science Foundation makes it evident that the total number of black scientists is stagnant over the past decade.

This is a remark made by Johnna Frierson who is the assistant dean of a graduate at the Duke University School of medicine.

There are certain fields where the representations have also started declining. Overall, it can be said that the situation is becoming much distorted for continuing of diversifying in the way.

In 2014, at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, Dr Johnson gave a verdict. The topic circled one of his favorite topics in a postdoctoral fellowship.

The topic is all about how copper affects microbes. Consequently, a Black woman from the audience approached him and started presenting her thoughts not directly about microbiology.

The future is however filled with prospects for black people. It’s all that the community has to work hand in hand for the achievement of its objectives.


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