Top 5 Beauty Bloggers You Need To Follow Right Now

The universe of beauty blogging witnessed its Big Bang in the late 2010s and there is no one to stop its expansion. Beauty blogs have become one of the primary sources of beauty-related trends and information for all.

With the widespread use of social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and now TikTok, beauty blogging is not just about ‘writing a blog’ anymore. Beauty influencers can now create content related to their niche, creating more engagement and information for the audiences.

The worth of the beauty and beauty blogging industry

According to the statistics given by Reports Globe, L’Oreal, and Statista, the beauty industry’s worth in 2020 was around $483 Billion, $511 Billion in 2021, and expected to be around $784.6 Billion in 2027.

This has been made promising by social media platforms. Beauty brands and bloggers have millions of followers whose buying habits are being influenced and driven by them. The likelihood of this occurring increases even more if brands and bloggers collaborate. If you are thinking of starting your beauty blog, this is your cue.

The number of beauty bloggers has increased tremendously in the past decades. It becomes difficult for the audience to choose which blogger does the job best for them, whose ideas about beauty are in sync with their own, and who is giving out authentic beauty information.

They have millions of followers and can help you spread the word about your brand. Here is the list of the top 5 beauty bloggers you need to follow the moment you finish reading this article.

1. Huda Kattan

Instagram followers: 50.8 million

TikTok followers: 7.1 million

Huda Kattan is an Iraqi-American beauty blogger and makeup artist. She is the founder of her beauty brand Huda Beauty along with her sisters Mona Kattan and Ayla Kattan. One of the best features of Huda’s Instagram blog is that she doesn’t only just posts her content but also gives space to other beauty bloggers as well.

The inclusivity and sense of community on her blog are one of the reasons her following has only increased.

You can watch her beauty blogs and the latest beauty hacks on YouTube as well. Only make sure to have a reliable internet connection while streaming. CenturyLink is your best option. Check out budget-friendly CenturyLink Internet deals and get one that suits you.

2. Nikkie de Jager

Instagram followers: 16.4 million

TikTok followers: 5.9 million

A Dutch beauty blogger, Nikkie de Jager started blogging in 2008. Since then she has become one of the most famous and beloved names in the world of beauty blogging. Nikkie went viral in 2015 after posting a makeup transformation video on her YouTube channel, which has over 14 million subscribers.

Nikkie’s content will make you believe in the transformative power of makeup and the looks you can achieve with it, as she famously once said that makeup is not just for society, it’s for you.

3. Shayla Mitchell

Instagram followers: 3 million

TikTok followers: 514.1k

Shayla Mitchell can be regarded as one of the pioneers for people of color in the world of beauty blogging. Her Instagram blog, makeupshayla boasts 3 million followers. Everything she shares on her blog, be it makeup, beauty tips, or fashion, has a touch of glamour in it.

According to her, hair and makeup have always been her thing since childhood and this is why she chose to blog about it to inspire others. If you are a fan of flawless makeup and don’t even have a smudge on your face, this is the right blog to follow.

4. Anisa Sojka


Instagram followers: 573k

TikTok followers: 499.9k

Anisa Sojka is a Moroccon-Czech hair care blogger based in London. Scrolling through her Instagram you’ll see the glossiest hair and elegant hairstyles that she has explained in the easiest way possible.

She doesn’t shy away from sharing her hair care tips and the products that can work best. From a day-to-day hairdo to a fancy evening elegant bun, from healthy hair products to hair styling tools, this blog has it all.

She is also the founder of her jewelry and hair accessories brand by Anisasojka and oh, you won’t be able to resist those fancy yet elegant claw clips.

5. Blair Hayes

Blog: Skin by Blair (@skinbyblair)

Instagram followers: 112k

Blair Hayes of Skin by Blair is a board-certified Aesthetic Physician Assistant from North Carolina. If you are super into skincare or facing skin-related issues, this is the blog to follow right now.

On her blog, you will find all the necessary information regarding skincare, eye care, how SPF can be a lifesaver, and a customized skin care quiz that can make you understand more about what your skin wants.

At her boutique, result-oriented techniques are applied in services such as PRP facial, Cellulite treatment, botox, kybella, and much more.


We have presented you with u a list of bloggers that are a must-follow for impeccable beauty tips and tricks. From extraordinary makeup skills to flawless skin to glossy hair, we have it all locked in this article.

The sheer talent of these bloggers will help you a great deal in your beauty journey. So what are you waiting for, go follow these bloggers and beautify your life?


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