A L’Oreal Preference Hair Color Chart: How Do You View It?

Visit the company’s website, Loreal.com, and look at the information for the Superior Preference product range to view an L’Oreal Preference hair colour chart. A chart of 47 Preference hair dye colours as of 2016 is available on the internet, ranging from Champagne Blonde to Ultimate Black. Additionally, the website offers product evaluations, hair colour advice, and customer images.

The permanent hair colour product from L’Oreal called Superior Preference is marketed as luminous and fade-resistant. According to the company, their collection of hair colours conceals grey hair while enhancing shine and maintaining colour for up to eight weeks.

The chart also features Medium Chestnut Brown, Light Chestnut Brown, Paris Couture Rich Merlot Red, and Light Amber Brown. Apply the Color Gel and Color Optimizing Creme together, let it sit on the hair for 25 to 35 minutes, then rinse and condition it.

Care Supreme Conditioner, which keeps hair soft and colour vibrant between colorings, is included in Superior Preference dye kits.

L’Oreal also sells other dye collections like Excellence Creme, Excellence Age Perfect, and Feria in addition to Superior Preference. Color guides for these brands are also available on the L’Oreal website. Superior grey coverage is guaranteed by Excellence Creme, while Feria offers bolder, more powerful colour options including Power Violet, Red Velvet, and Cherry Crush.

To screen for allergies, L’Oreal advises performing a skin patch test 48 hours before to colouring.


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