600 grammes are equal to how many cups?

Multiply 600 by.00423 to get cups (c) from 600 grammes (g). There are approximately 236.59 grammes in a cup and.00423 cups in a gramme. Two and a half and a half cups are equivalent to 600 grammes.

A cup is a measuring unit for capacity. 8 fluid ounces (oz), 237 millilitres (ml), 16 tablespoons (tbsp), and 1 half-pint are all equivalent to one cup. Cups are widely used in baking and cooking recipes as measuring devices.

The metric unit of mass or weight is the gramme. 15.432 grains and 1/1000 of a kilogramme make up a gramme (kg). Small amounts of dry material are commonly measured in grammes.


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